Western Gold Exploration

Social Responsibility


Western Gold Exploration Ltd will always endeavour to uphold the following standards:


  • Comply with all applicable Environmental Legislation
  • Only use contractors with appropriate ISO Environmental Management Certifications
  • Minimise greenhouse gas emissions and utilise renewable energy where appropriate
  • Minimise the environmental impact and mitigate against pollution from work sites
  • Work pro-actively with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency on Controlled Activity Licensing
  • Establish water quality baseline, ensure minimal wastage and continually monitor impact of activities


  • Commit to taking an active role in the local community by working together to create employment
  • Promote health and safety in the work place whilst complying with all relevant industrial legislation and laws
  • Provide correct information, training and supervision for everyone who works on the exploration site
  • Only use contractors with appropriate OHSAS Certifications and fit for purpose equipment for onsite work
  • Maintain good working relationships with concerned local stakeholders during the project lifetime
  • Prioritise the use of local contractors and support local businesses wherever possible


  • Establish a diverse board whose experience covers mine development and its impact on communities
  • Implement strict Bribery and Anti-Corruption policies and a structure compliant with UN Human Rights legislation
  • Ensure the Company maintains its License to Operate by transparent engagement with stakeholders including landowners, local communities, local government and Regulatory bodies

We will carefully consider and continually review the following policies so that we are meeting the highest standards for environmental, corporate and social responsibility at all times: