Western Gold Exploration



Western Gold Exploration Ltd (WGE) is committed to sustainable development, recognising that the long-term sustainability of our business is dependent upon good stewardship in both the protection of the environment and the efficient management of the exploration and extraction of mineral resources. Our values and business principles as a Company are based on a “zero harm” environmental management policy and we make the company directors, officers, employees and contractors aware of this, as well as the relevant responsibilities which it sets out.

We apply globally accepted environmental operating practices in order that:

  • We comply with all applicable local, regional, national and international environmental laws, regulations and requirements.
  • We comply with relevant industry standards relating to the management of environmental risks.
  • We commit to establishing and maintaining management systems to identify, monitor and control the environmental aspects of our activities. Where appropriate, we may require employees to undertake training targeted towards compliance with best industry practices and all applicable environmental laws, regulations and requirements.
  • Our employees and contractors carry out their responsibilities in accordance with this Policy, applicable law and the industry standards we are committed to meeting.
  • We work with local representatives in the communities in which we operate to educate the community on the environmental obligations associated with our activities.
  • We conduct audits to monitor, measure and evaluate the effectiveness of our environmental management systems, and will communicate findings to the Board of Directors, and, where appropriate, to external stakeholders.
  • We are committed to transparent communication and consulting with interested and affected parties on environmental aspects of our activities.
  • We will work to continually improve our environmental performance over time, including with regard to increasing our energy efficiency and reducing emissions and waste, and to promote sustainable development in the areas in which we operate. Our priority will be efficient and effective waste management, preventing leakage or seeping into waterways.
  • We recognise the increasing awareness within our industry of climate change and the need to participate in solutions that address the long-term impact of climate change including,  where feasible, the reduction of green-house gas emissions. In particular, we recognise the sensitivity around water management and water scarcity, where we will aim to constantly improve water management systems and their efficiency, and to monitor our usage of water resources in our areas of operation.