Western Gold Exploration

Working Practices


Western Gold Exploration Ltd (WGE) employs a “people first” approach and puts the highest priority on safe and healthy work practices and systems. Our business principles and policies are based on attaining a “zero harm” performance via demonstrable compliance with all relevant health & safety, employment and data protection legislation. We expect all directors, officers, employees and contractors (“Responsible Persons”) to adhere to the safety and health commitments set out in this policy.


  • We are committed to complying with applicable occupational health and safety laws, regulations and standards. In the absence of such standards, leading practice will be adopted.
  • We are committed to establishing a working environment that is conducive to safety and health.
  • The management of occupational safety and health is a prime responsibility of line management, from the executive level to the first line supervisory level.
  • We will promote involvement and consultation with employees (or their representatives) and contractors to gain commitment in the implementation of our occupational safety and health principles.
  • We will empower our people (and their representatives) and contractors to take responsibility for their own safety and health and that of their colleagues and participate in inspection and audits, training and education, grievance mechanisms, and the right to refuse unsafe work.
  • We will provide appropriate health and safety training and personal protective equipment to our own employees and (where relevant) to contractors.
  • We will educate Responsible Persons on best practices for minimising the risk of contracting industrial or endemic disease.
  • We are committed to providing all necessary resources and personal protective equipment to enable compliance with these principles.
  • We will not tolerate or condone deliberate breaches in standards and procedures.
  • We will implement safety management systems based on internationally recognised standards and we will assess the effectiveness of these systems through periodic audits.
  • We will conduct the necessary risk assessments to anticipate, minimise and control occupational hazards and will promote initiatives to continuously reduce the safety and health risks associated with our business activities.
  • We will monitor the effects of our operational activities on the safety and health of our employees and others, and we will conduct regular performance reviews.
  • We will communicate openly on safety and health issues with employees and other stakeholders.
  • We will ensure that employees at all levels receive appropriate training and are competent to carry out their duties and responsibilities. We will require our contractors to comply with these principles and we will seek to influence joint venture partners to apply them as well.
  • Recruitment and deployment of an engaged and informed workforce who are regularly trained and assessed for compliance with health and safety in the workplace.


Respect for human rights is integral to the values endorsed and employed at Western Gold Exploration Ltd (WGE) and we are committed to treating all our stakeholders fairly and with dignity. We strive to contribute positively to the welfare of the local communities in which we operate by building mutually beneficial relationships while minimising any adverse social and human rights impacts from our activities. We consider stakeholders to mean our employees, contractors and the local communities and individuals who live in proximity to our operations.

  • We embrace and respect the resources, values, religious beliefs, traditions and cultures of the communities in which we operate, and we recognise the importance of upholding the rights of socially marginalised individuals and groups.
  • We recognise, respect and abide by all applicable labour, child labour, modern slavery and employment laws, and we insist that our contractors meet the same standards. These include prohibitions on child labour, forced labour, discriminatory behaviour, human trafficking and all forms of modern slavery, as well as recognition of the rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • We will uphold in our operations the right to freedom of expression, conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion.
  • We will not permit hate speech and incitement at any of our operations.
  • We are committed to providing safe working conditions and environments for all employees and contractors.
  • We expect and will insist that human rights are respected by any security personnel operating at our sites through, amongst other things, compliance with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.
  • We will solicit feedback from and engage with stakeholders on human rights related aspects of, and impacts from, our activities.
  • In the event that our operations cause negative human rights impact to stakeholders, we are committed to establishing appropriate grievance mechanisms that allow concerns to be addressed in an accessible, transparent and equitable manner, and we are committed to remedying such negative impacts as are within our control.
  • We are aware that human rights risks and challenges may change. This Policy (and any internal procedures driven by it) is intended to evolve in accordance with our knowledge of human rights issues in the communities in which we operate.